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Miniature Circuit Breaker manufacturers

Technical Data

Shield Miniature Circuit Breakers Are Available In Ratings 6-63A In Sp,Dp,Tp & Fp Executions.

Specification Shield Mcb
Type ‘B’    ‘C’
Standard conformity IS/IEC60898-1
Rated Current (In) 6-63/A
Rated Voltage AC 230/400V
Utilization category -
Rated frequency (Hz) 50Hz
No. of pole (Execution) 1P, 1P+N, 2P, 3P,3P+N & 4P
Rated short circuit breaking capacity 10kA
Rated insulation voltage 660V
Magnetic release setting B-(3-5) In C-(5-10)In
Rated impulse voltage 6kV
Electrical / Mechanical life <32A >32A 30000
Ambient temperature -5 C to +55 C
Mounting Clip on din rail
Degree of protection (Finger touch safe) IP20
Resistance to shock 40mm free fall


The best protection to short circuit is here. And we the 2 decade long experienced Miniature Circuit Breakers Manufacturers are now a leader in the field. Starting from our homes to our industries, this safety device is required everywhere. Considering the importance of this device, our group of professionals are great in doing their job and hence we assure everyone with the quality. Our Shield brand is the perfect option for the safety needs of all type of living needs.

For meeting all the essential requirements keeping in mind the need is our goal. These include market needs, styles and developments. Hence, the style, design and overall aestheticare also considered for a safe and better way as an electric fitting.In fact, the cost effectiveness is also given precedence and thus, we keep our market in our minds. So, why go anywhere else?

Get Quality with Shield Miniature Circuit Breakers Manufacturers

The quality standards are our greatest priority and there is a standard procedure that we abide to as a Shield Miniature Circuit Breakers Manufacturers. The manufacturing process is well designed and maintained as per the industry standards. Our team is experienced and trained for preserving the same hence maintaining the desirable quality. The supervision of quality is overlooked by our engineers and managers through their knowledge and expertise acquired over time.

Raajas Technologies, Shield brand is a leading name for quality products among the safety device for all type of consumer household or office needs. We are not only relentlessly after maintaining the quality but also upgrading our style and technology as the market develops. Thus, our consumers rely on us. This is our speciality and can be called a strategy too, to stay updated with the latest innovations. This maintains the required market position and keeps us refreshed with the latest on-goings.

The prime focus while maintaining the quality is on the features such as High operational fluency, User friendly interface, and precise engineering. Our reliability is guaranteed through our claims, which are reflected by the place we have amongst our competitors.

It is through our dedicated team that over these many years, we have acquired perfection and are thus the best in the market.

Selection :

Description Type ‘B’ Type ‘C’
Single Pole 6/10/16/20/25/32/40/63 6/10/16/20/25/32/40/63
Single Pole + Neutral 6/10/16/20/25/32/40/63 6/10/16/20/25/32/40/63
Double Pole 6/10/16/20/25/32/40/63 6/10/16/20/25/32/40/63
Three Pole 6/10/16/20/25/32/40/63 6/10/16/20/25/32/40/63
Three Pole + Neutral 6/10/16/20/25/32/40/63 6/10/16/20/25/32/40/63
Four Pole 6/10/16/20/25/32/40/63 6/10/16/20/25/32/40/63

Tripping Characteristic Curve ‘B’ & ‘C’ Series