Residual Current Circuit Breaker Manufacturers (RCCB)

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Residual Current Circuit Breaker manufacturers
Residual Current Circuit Breaker manufacturers

A very important safety device that works as a detector and prevents trip against leakage current and shock to humans, we are leading as a residual current circuit breaker manufacturer. Understanding the importance of this device, we have the best team to handle the manufacturing process. Our aim remains providing the best quality products to our consumers so that we can maintain the trust of 24 years of our brand. This also allows us to prolong our goodwill so that our customers come back to us. Our surety of quality is our identity, which is uncompromised.

Even the price is worth buying given the features, basic safety need and the durability our product has. The efficiency rate of our production is also very high given the demand and our customer base. Moreover, we are proud of our team, which are a qualified group of engineers and experienced panel of quality officers overlooking the whole process from raw material to the final product.

Safeguard with Residual Current Circuit Breaker by Shield, Raajas Technologies

We are worry free when it comes to quality standards. With the use of our finest raw materials, we are a guarantor of easily available, affordable and perfect ways to safeguard your home and other living/ work space. Get Residual Current Circuit Breaker(RCCB) by Shield, Raajas Technologies now for your living or working space.

All things considered in the market, the standards of our features/ specifications, prices as well asthe technology, we present ourselves to be a trustworthy producer. Complying with the quality standards is an important part of our process and hence all the norms relevant are followed always considering what our consumers like. In fact, by proper market analysis, we tend to keep ourselves updated in terms of latest innovations so that we can provide our target with improved products. The feasibility is also taken into account in terms of production, quality standards and competitiveness.

Thus, there are no second thoughts when it comes to safety and longevity of humans. RCCBs are the solution to it. Buy Now!

Indian Electricity Rules mandate for compulsory use of RCCBs for loads beyond 5KW