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Get the best vertical distribution boxes for your home, office, factory and other spaces. We have market whose needs include quality based innovative designs to circulate electricity into various circuits. Our Shield brand brings to you the perfect choice for your distribution box needs, a safe and better way for your electric fitting. A leader among Vertical Distribution Boxes Manufacturers in India, Rejjas Technologies is efficient in providing the best. A trusted name for 24 years, we are proud producers with quality product.

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Starting from the style, design and overall aesthetic complementing each type of living space, we have manufacturing unit to suit every needs. Latest styles are continually included to stay upgraded with the market. The market needs, styles and developments are well analysed by our professionals so that we can check upon ourselves regarding the updates to maintain the standards

Coming to the quality standards, the industry standards of the raw material, manufacturing process as well as the quality checking procedures are supervised by the experts. This dedicated team is relentlessly looking after the maintenance of all the processes mentioned. An essential of household or any living/ working space circuitry, we take the manufacturing process very seriously to fulfil this necessity. Choose the right ones with the required features.

Not to forget, customer satisfaction in terms of quality and services are an essential part of our work ethic. All that a customer needs is a product with great longevity and durability, which is covered by our expert quality check and maintained standards of our raw materials. Besides that, a benchmark procedure of manufacturing to ensure excellence in each batch and hence the quality that you need.
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Available for running House, Factory, Equipment, Machines, Invertors, Complex, Buildings, Offices, buy Rejjas Technologies, Shield Brand to light up your space safely. An experience of more than 2 decades as Vertical Distribution Box Manufacturers, get assured and get this installed now.

Vertical Distribution Boxes

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Technical Data

Vertical Distribution Boxes Are Conforms to IS : 13032 & IS : 8623 Part - 3.

No. Of Ways A B C D E F G
4 370 454 117 398 471 376 295
6 370 508 117 398 525 430 295
8 370 562 117 398 579 484 295
12 370 710 117 398 727 632 295